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The Book

I have always wanted to be a writer. I want to write in English, but I’m not a native speaker and this makes it very difficult indeed. I have already started saving money for a writing course, and I think I can do it once I’m finished with my graduate studies which I hope would be towards the year’s end. 

I started a while ago writing a fiction novel. Not much is written so far, but I just took Daniel’s advise seriously after our get together in London, which was to dump everything on paper. The novel is some kind of a thriller drama, a genre which I’m not sure exists. It is usually this or that I think? Nevertheless I decided to go along with it, because perhaps I can invent my own genre, so here is hoping. Writing fiction, I have found, is a craft that can be learned. Of course you do need the talent, but I think this is what I have, and what I lack is the technical skill to do it. A writing course for me is then a good starting point to improve my skills. 

The novel has the general theme of how, as we all do, bump into each others in life changing each others perceptions of life. I particularly deal with a young man torn between east and west, and between common sense values and traditional inherited values. I particularly deal with how single events can have the butterfly effect on one’s life, all packed in a thriller that I hope to make page turning. This of course is not me as you would perhaps presume. But it is about me watching life from my own little corner, so it will be me, you and everyone else hitting into each others in life. I’m a believer that life is indeed stranger than fiction, wouldn’t you agree?

I have been reading a lot lately, mostly about belief, religion, and the human endeavor. But, in my last birthday one of the gifts I received was an Obama book “Dreams of my father” which was given to me but one of my European friends. I took no offense, for he sees me perhaps as a black person 🙂 while I’m not black, I’m actually brown (worse I think?). I’m now halfway through the book and I think it is vivacious, and a real good read. This Obama is a good man down at the bottom. No matter how he does during his term in office, he managed to gain my respect.

On another account, Swine flu is here in continental Europe, and I better be more careful because an infection would almost certainly kill me. My first precaution? I wear masks in public transport (I know, I know, I’m malleable). I do look funny since almost no one else is doing it, but I take it, I’m not like everyone else so I’d rather be more careful. It is serious, and although I asserted at Daniel’s blog that it will not infect Muslims 😛 I’m not however sure about agnostics! Wear your tin foil hats folks, the plague is here.