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Tribute to Gaza

For those who claim Arabs are the haters, and are oblivious to realities of their world I dedicate these images which tell the story of everyday life for Palestinians. Extremism is everywhere and the world is in a madman situation. Gaza is no better than the west bank when it comes to daily humiliation. Imagine being born in this, would you really want to live?

Check the short photo gallery here


Worshipping America


One thing I haven’t told you about my vacation in Egypt this summer…I lost a friend, he was swallowed into oblivion. My life has changed a lot over the past 3 and a half years after having gone through a life changing experience. This does not scare me even one bit, but it makes me appreciate everything I ever taken for granted more. Friendship to me means a hell lot more, it is so precious and dear byond what I can tell you.

So what happened? Well, he was a friend since childhood, and although his life seems unchanged, his mind has changed a great deal. He is now one of those people who think the Jihadists are correct, and that Laden et al. is doing the right thing. He has come to such a conclusion having read their literature over the internet! (should we chace them online and disable their altars of hate? I bet we should, they spoil minds still). We met after a long time during my last visit and we had a discussion, spurred by his advise to a friend to leave Egypt and live abroad! I thought his mind changed, but no, he simply believes that all societies including Egypt are societies of nonbelievers, and that they are all the same so it does not matter where you live anymore, they are all KAFER! I tried to convince him he was wrong, what do I get? a blunt accusation that I’m an America worshipper and that this will do me no good! Just like that he accused me, just like all of them do with their sense of insecurity and that everyone who does not agree is their enemy and is KAFER.

Alas, I failed to save him, and left him with his delusions, opting to take my distance and let life teach him its lessons. Hate is not my virtue and our roads do not meet. One friend lost to oblivion, with a split personality disorder, living in modern life with a backward frame of reference. Sad, but true.