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Cairo and back


I haven over the past 3 weeks been in Cairo. I’m always happy to see my family and friends, some of whom think I have turned Gay because I’m not yet married. While I was indeed married before once (for a few months really) I remain single at the moment, and this is for several reasons which I’m going to spare you. The annoyance surrounding unmarried guys at my age does in fact arise often in Egypt. And my friends who are married, and with no exception having miserable lives are always wondering why have I not been married yet? They are really suffering in very bad relations and stagnant marriages and yet, they just tell me “get married” as if it is some kind of revenge they are pulling on my person. My reply is standard, I just tell them to fix their miserable lives and then comeback and preach marriage when fixing is indeed done. A bunch of losers really, it makes me sad.

While in Cairo, I had the chance to contemplate my life, and I have to say I was not impressed. After many years I continue to do things I’m not passionate about! and that is one serious problem I have repeatedly failed to handle. I move from one thing to the other without real passion, which is emotionally exhausting, and is the antithesis of success. I kind of know what I want to do, but just doing it does not seem possible at the moment. Is it that I should just throw away everything and do the thing I’m passionate about? but that is a serious risk I might not be able to afford given my circumstances. I don’t know! any ideas?