About Me



I have lived in Europe for the last 4 years as a student and as an employee. I originally come from Egypt where I have spent a large part of my life. I did have a cosmopolitan life since I was traveling the world since early age. Naturally when I arrived in Europe 4 years ago I did not go through any form of cultural shock, I have already been here several times and I knew how life is like. What I didn’t know however was how the people are like, this is something you do not get to experience when you are a short term tourist, but you only experience it when you really live in a place long enough.

This blog is about unity and integration. It is secular, liberal and depressing at times, but I always try and reduce the dose of stress! Sometimes I might mumble about myself, but not often…

Welcome to Muslims for Europe.


3 responses to “About Me

  1. mohamedhassan

    Hello Sara,

    How did you end up in my new blog? it is great to see you here, although I do not understand what your comment is supposed to mean 🙂

  2. Hello mohamed :@

    It’s a very very VERY angry ANGRY face!

    And that’s my dad’s name btw: mohamed hassan..

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