Tribute to Gaza

For those who claim Arabs are the haters, and are oblivious to realities of their world I dedicate these images which tell the story of everyday life for Palestinians. Extremism is everywhere and the world is in a madman situation. Gaza is no better than the west bank when it comes to daily humiliation. Imagine being born in this, would you really want to live?

Check the short photo gallery here


19 responses to “Tribute to Gaza

  1. Funny, in those pictures all I saw was a bunch of graffiti. No rockets, no violence, unlike your poor innocent Palestinian heroes. Get a grip on reality–Israel ain’t the enemy. Islam is and Islam will kill you dead!!

  2. Stephen: Welcome to my blog, glad to see you here man.

    Claiming that Islam is the devil a priori, is really outlandish and is not even worth defending, thus I won’t. You just need to work on your knowledge and prejudices.

    I’m not here to defend Islam, Islam defends itself. I’m just here to give what I think is fair opinions from my perspective. If these pictures are neutral to you, thats okay, but I doubt you view the pictures coming out of Gaza as neutral or are a reasonable response to the tinfoil rockets fired by Hamas. Alas, Israel is as wrong as ever and time will tell. Do not forget Hamas existed and was emboldened ONLY because of the 50 years occupation of Gaza which was ended by Sharon of all people! What Israel is doing now took us all backwards several steps.

  3. Why does Hamas continue to shoot rockets into Israel? If Sharon did what you said he did, why haven’t the attacks stopped? They’ve been doing it for years. Why? Because Islam is rooted in violence. The only way to keep peace is through strength–history tells you that. My prejudice started on September 11 2001 when Islam killed over 3000 Americans for what?
    Tin foil rockets?
    Let me ask you something, Mohamed Hassan–
    What do you do if a mosquito bites you? Do you let him continue or do you kill the pest?
    Israel is killing the pest!!!

  4. Stephen, your analogy is hard to swallow. Do you compare human-insect affairs to human-human relations? how you dared to do this is beyond me 😉

    If things really fit your overly simplistic world view, how and why did Hamas emerge during a 50 years brutal occupation? you see, it works opposite to what you might think, in fact it always have worked this way. Hamas is a reaction, and not a preemptive action. You just happen to be seeing the world in in the mirror (aka. in reverse)

  5. Stephen, I recommend you to read this article if you have sometime at hand. It really is good in explaining some key points, I think.

  6. First to you post and the images, useful indeed to be reminded of another angle, an element often underplayed, or the effort to eradicate people from a land.

    Second, onto the cunt called Stephen, as you’ve already pointed out, he knows very little and is riddled with bigotry and prejudice and a one-sided view that can’t cope with a complex subject matter.

    Let’s hope he reads more books and eductaes his small mind on the matter at hand.


  7. @ Dan: Welcome back mate. I was just at yours watching the cool pics from Berlin. Ice cold isn’t?

    As for the serial of comments, nothing new, same old same old. They come and go and each one of them arrives and leaves thinking he is an original think tank. I’m working on my anger management and they are a good exercise to be honest.

  8. Way to go Mo 🙂

  9. The Stephen Duplantis idiot decided to email me with an offensive image of someone with special needs and some losely put together words.

    It’s funny how people don’t know what anti-semitic means and use it willy-nilly to silence people who might not agree with them.

    Oh well, here’s to him reading books.

  10. bizarre! What a buffoon. One always wonders why do they take the matter so personally and play the person not the ball! it says load of the level of their intellect I guess. And why books? I thought Fox news got it all nailed down already. Sean Hannity is his source of news, what mental capacity do you expect him to possess?

  11. You know what Dan, poor him! Big time!

  12. Sara,
    Right you are. Big Time!

  13. You guys have big egos for such small minds!!!

  14. Anti-semitic= prejudice against or hostility toward Jews as a group.

    Guess I don’t know what it means because I DON”T PRACTICE IT!!!!

  15. You should be thanking me because at least someone is reading the sh!t you write. If it weren’t for me, you’d only have yourself, Dan the retard, and Sara the nobody (since woman are second rate in Islam). Real popular, you are Mohammed!

  16. Zionism has no solutions. The Israeli state can’t physically take in all the West Bank settlers.

    Socialism in Egypt would change things. A socialist Egypt can abolish the border with Gaza, and let people decide their own future. Free healthcare, education etc could be provided. They can decide if they want to be Egyptian or Palestinian.

    How about this for trolling.

    Stephen: Israel’s tactics are not to stop Hamas or Islamism, only change their negotiating position. Hamas’s tactics are also only for negotiating a deal to enrich themselves.

    The days when Fatah was radical, Israel subsidized Hamas.

    Stephen: Mohamed has for years, been outspoken against Islamism. You are at the wrong blog, attacking the wrong person.

  17. Stephen, you are very hot tempered. This and your hang for erotic asphyxiation will get you a stroke.

    Renegade, thanks for the explanation about Egypt. But I remain a skeptic. As for the Gaza being part of Egypt, excuse me! we have enough problems and we do not need one extra super sized problem.

  18. 18 comments! HURRAH! The bodies pile up of dead civilians and Stephen is laying down the law…

    My ego is big but it matches my mind and success rate at winning arguments versus asshats. As I said when I emailed you, highlight my or any anti-semitism here or elsewhere and then you have leverage but you won’t find any. As I also said, disagreeing with the policies of Israel does not make you anti-semitic but intelligent, just as saying that Hamas are a bunch of retarded idiots doesn’t amke you anti-Arab, only anti-idiot.

    As for anti, you’re anti people with learning needs which makes you a bigot and intolerant, why to go!

    FYI: comments are not a marker of blog popularity, they are a marker of how many comments you get. You sound desperate Stephen, did your parents not love you?

    Ren: glad you mentioned Hamas being finded by Israel in the early days, wonder if Stephen knew that…and he is SO at the wrong blog.

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